How To Pick Up A Monologue For My Next Creative Challenge

I am almost finished the Stage One Darlo Drama Course. The Monologue. This is one of my 2014 challenges standing on stage with 400 peepie eyes wishing me the best and performing a monologue chosen by director Amanda Stephens – Lee.

Twenty other classmates will be standing on stage with me as we find our centre and deliver our performances.  At the Eternity Theatre Darlinghurst.

This course is not just for aspiring actors, its for anyone who wants to step into the fire and work on there vocal delivery and speaking skills in front of audiences.

It is a 12 week course that builds on your individual strengths as you develop fundamental acting skills. It is not just about working individually it is also about working in a group. With many team building games. Its all very supportive, safe and positive.

As some of you may now I have been playing with on camera work  and media production for many years. After I crossed the line from behind to in front of the camera there was no turning back.

I have completed other acting and performance workshops but I cannot recommend this course enough. What I have learn within the drama games and exercises is being more present and removing myself from my exterior mask that I have taken years to perfect.

Yes, I have felt vulnerable as I have been challenge to go deeper and emotionally connect with my character and the other class mates in my group.

I think these skills resonate in the creative emotional intelligence sphere. Tools to draw upon in everyday life as we become more connected to communicating with our devices rather than face to face.

For me after returning back to Australia and being involved with a few on camera and music adventures in the US and Hong Kong. I needed to start to the creative journey again and personally rebuild. The monologue course is stage one.