Darlo Drama Level 2 Production "Off the Rack"

How to Learn Lines . Techniques for Visual Learners

Over the past few months I have been pulling together my next creative challenge.

I am back in class at the Darlo Drama School completing the Level Two: ‘The Scene’.
The level two part of this course is an investigation into naturalistic acting techniques that work on making your performances more convincing.
This part of the course has resonated with me. I think it’s essential to performing artists from either music, stage or film to be naturalistic and improve  connecting to their community as we live are living a large part of our lives in virtual worlds.

Authenticity has been my catch-cry this year.
In the near future I am looking forward to using these performance skills within my music but that is a 2015 and beyond project.
The part of the course which I have struggled with is learning large amounts of dialogue with a partner. My scene is from the play “Off the Rack” by Robert Kemnitz & Jennifer McMaster. I play the character Adrienne Procter. It is about ten minutes long and has 71 lines.
In the past I usually stay away from doing things like this in front of large groups. I am more of an dance, visual , kinetic learner. Read more here Australian  Association Inc – Solutions for Those that Learn Differently
So in part I am writing this post not only to tell you about my upcoming performance but to let you know of a few techniques that have helped me get through processing the lines into my body. Hopefully they can be adapted for you.
Steps Taken
1. Initially I wrote the entire script out into separate lines and wrote an action verb next to the line. This  gave me my line’s an intention but I did seem unable to absorb the information very effectively.
2. I then thought of turning each line into a funny symbol or picture that meant something to me . I placed each line on a post it note and built a pattern of imagery. This has helped build a road map into the rhythm of the story. But the lines still needed work.
3. I then turned to technology, with the recommended app from class. I recorded every line and my characters line into mobile app called Line Learner . This has been an enormous help. The benefit of this mobile app is I am able to have my character speak the line and the app then leaves a gap so I can listen then speak my line.
With a week out to the show I am in better shape with the lines but I still need to practice, practice, practice and practice some more. This is just the learning of the lines, I have talked about here. There are plenty of other levels too, accent, pronunciation, articulation physicality of the character and supportive director notes.
I am also working through combining this with a lot of singing vocal warm up exercises  . Which is to give my voice a lot more texture and power.

Darlo Drama-L123 SHOWCASE-Dec 20