Darlo Drama showcase 3 post performance photographs

Darlo Drama showcase 3 post performance photographs.

It was a challenging learning curve from stage 2 to stage 3. Our group pulled it together successfully.

I worked through Meisner, physical theater acting techniques to get to the truth of my character’s (see previous post) plus incorporating the line by line mobile app I think I had 90 cues for this showcase. But it was worth it.

A huge warm thank you to our director and acting coach Amanda Stephens Lee.

This is for completion of the stage 3 course “The Story” Directed by Amanda Stephens Lee.

I am taking part in two scenes.

One is from “The Book of Everything” which is the English translation (published 2006) of the Dutch children’s novel Het boek van alle dingen by Guus Kuijer. This adaptation of “The Book of Everything” was first produced by Company B Belvoir and Kim Carpenter’s Theater of Image.

In preparing for the character of the Mrs Van Amservoot. I stumbled upon this popular dutch childrens film “Kees, de zoon van de stroper“. Which was made around the time that the book was set in 1951. There are a few similarities I think.

The second is “Independence” by Lee Blessing

A study of a family divided against itself: an emotionally disturbed mother and her three daughters (each dealing with her own emotional problems) probe for the personal truths they desperately need to reveal and accept. The setting is the small town of Independence, Iowa, the lifelong home of Evelyn Briggs. Her oldest daughter, Kess, has come home from Minneapolis at the request of her sister Jo, who is concerned for Evelyn’s mental health. Kess, a professed lesbian, wants to cut her family ties once and for all; Jo, an incurable romantic and longtime virgin, has now become pregnant; while Sherry, salty-tongued and amoral, wants only to finish high school so she can leave home for good. In the end, there is no accommodation possible but, instead, each of the protagonists must find her own heaven–or hell–in her own way.” From the publisher description.

I won’t giveaway who I am playing in Independence, but both of the two female characters are navigating universal themes of isolation, control, forgiveness and love.